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1 – Woodland Fusion Mug

3 – 4oz bags Winterwoods Tea

Mugs Only (2) - $45

Woodland Fusion Mug

Julia e. Dean


We’ve included one of Julia’s most popular mugs to date.  This mug is a union of a rustic woodland scape and a cool vintage blue.  Each mug is hand stamped with leaf impressions so no mug will have the same pattern.  Julia e. Dean comes from a long line of craftsmen, having family members who sculpted monuments as far back as 1881. She continues her family legacy with her creations of clay in her home studio in NY.  Julia is also a Certified Living Wage Employer.

Mug Dimensions: Approximately 4.5″ tall and 3″ in diameter.

Assorted Teas

Winterwoods Tea Company


Spokane, Washington

Tirza, a former publicist and mother of five, now runs her own business developing new tea blends that are nourishing and healthy for the body with no additives, sweeteners, preservatives, or synthetic anythings.  Tirza runs her business with her husband and their two daughters to bring straight up organic herbs and spices that go from farm to tea cup.