About Us

We take the time to curate things sourced and created in the U.S.A. by individual artists and small companies.  We then coordinate those items together into a Dacci Box so you can gift effortlessly, responsibly, and with love.  We believe in getting back to the root of gift giving. No more gift cards, no mass productions, no more mainstream. With every box, we support the #shopsmall community, allowing artists and small businesses a better chance to flourish from their craft.

Our Story

Our name, pronounced dah-chee, is Italian for “give us”. Our antelope is representative of one of the spirit animals of the Bambara people of Mali, the Chiwara. This antelope represents the spirit that taught humans the fundamentals of agriculture, to grow and to gather.  Dacci was created with the vision to support communities in the U.S. by curating (or gathering and harvesting) from the many artists who make amazing creations, and sharing those gifts with you.

Our Values

We believe in humanity regardless of race, color, class, gender, sexuality, religion, and any other thing that creates division.  We believe in giving, we believe in supporting one another.


We eat well, we sleep well, we keep fit and we care to help and support each other and our families. To give 100 you have to be 100.


Along with bringing back the thoughtfulness into gift giving, we will be thoughtful of the products we curate and the communities in which our artists thrive in.